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Schedule of Condition

A schedule of condition records the condition of a building or other property, normally for legal or contractual reasons.

Schedule of Condition by Property Link Chartered Surveyors

At Property Link Chartered Surveyors we have an expert team of fully qualified and highly experienced Surveyors and structural engineers who provide a wealth of commercial property services.

One of the services our professionals offer is a schedule of condition, something that you might need to have completed if you are in the process of leasing a commercial property. Based in Birmingham, our team are widely experienced in completing a schedule of condition property survey in and around the West Midlands area, as well as nationwide.

What is a Schedule of Condition?

If you are leasing a commercial property you may have a clause in your lease stating that you must leave the property in the same or better condition than it was in when you signed the lease, this is called a repairing liability. In this instance, it is highly advised that a schedule of condition be completed on the property and attached to the lease agreement.

There are a number of reasons why you might need a schedule of condition to be completed, but the main reason is to evidence the condition of the property to avoid any later disputes between tenant and landlord.

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Schedule of Condition property survey and report

In order for our Surveyors and structural engineers to complete a schedule of condition, they will need to make an appointment to come out and view the property to complete a schedule of condition commercial lease survey. The survey will determine the condition of the building so that ant existing defects and associated repair cost can be identified prior to any commitment being made. The findings of this survey will be produced into a report which then should be attached to the lease agreement. The schedule of condition is easy to follow and will usually be in the same standardised table format that these reports are usually completed in.

This table typically has three columns, a ‘description’ column, a ‘condition’ column and an ‘action required column’. In addition to notes and comments from a professional, there may also be other evidence, such as photographs and videos, to back-up the comments made. If there is anything you have concerns about, it is advised that you are present when the survey is being completed, so that you can raise these issues with the expert completing your survey.

Why are Schedule of Conditions important?

Schedule of conditions are designed to reduce the potential dilapidation liability by ensuring that there is an accurate record of the condition of the property at the commencement of the lease to refer back to at a later stage. Anyone considering leasing a commercial property will greatly benefit from having had a schedule of condition completed, here are some of these benefits:

Peace of mind: as a tenant you will want the peace of mind that when you move out of the property you are not going to face disputes of dilapidation or claims of damage being caused. You will need to evidence that the property has been left in the same (or better) condition than when you signed the lease for the property, without a schedule of condition, this is very difficult to prove. Therefore, this schedule will give you peace of mind, especially when it comes to moving out of the commercial property.
Schedule of condition party wall: if you, or your neighbour, completes any work on the property a dispute may arise over the party wall, especially if there has been any damage caused to this. A schedule of condition helps to cover you in this instance as it will document the condition that the party wall is in, which helps to identify any later damage that was caused.
If you are considering signing the lease on a commercial property, we advise that you seriously consider having a schedule of condition survey completed and a report produced. If you would like more information on anything you have read here, or would like to discuss your personal needs in more detail, do not hesitate to contact a member of our expert team now. We will happily answer any questions you have, providing free and impartial advice, along with a no obligation quote.

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