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About Property Link Chartered Surveyors

Welcome to Property Link Chartered Surveyors, home to some of the most professional Structural Engineers in the West Midlands area. Based in the heart of Birmingham, the team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors are all specialists and experienced in their field, dealing with both residential and commercial properties, providing invaluable assistance to anyone selling or buying property.

Located in Birmingham, the Structural Engineers at Property Link Chartered Surveyors help clients who are buying or selling properties located primarily within the West Midlands area. Not wanting to limit themselves, they have also provided a professional and quality service nationwide. The Property Link Chartered Surveyors team have years of experience in completing surveys and reports that buyers/sellers might find are required when acquiring/selling properties.

Providing high quality advice and legal assistance, our Structural Engineers are all fully qualified and with regular training, have up-to-date knowledge. With this experience and professionalism, the team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors, including the Structural Engineers, are all dedicated to ensuring customer satisfaction and meticulous attention to detail.

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Services include:

  • Homebuyers and Building Surveys
  • Valuations
  • Structural Engineers Reports
  • Party Wall Surveys
  • Boundary disputes
  • Building disputes
  • Schedule of Condition and Dilapidations
  • Agency (Disposals and Acquisition)
  • Rent reviews/lease renewals
  • Planning advice, feasibility and development
  • Compulsory purchase
  • Rating appeals
  • HMRC investigations
  • Enfranchisement
  • Property investment

Meet the Property Link Chartered Surveyors expert team

The Structural Engineers and entire team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors are all highly educated and trained in their field. The expert team of surveyors and engineers have a collective wealth of experience which means there is nothing that they cannot handle. Having worked in the industry for some time, our team are dedicated to and are perfectly placed to ensuring that acquiring the surveys/reports that you need for your property sale or purchase, are completed as quickly and as smoothly as is possible, making the whole procedure much easier and less stressful for you. If there is any part of the process that the specialist team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors cannot directly help you with, their industry knowledge and presence in the field, means that they have the contacts and ability to provide you with the details of someone who can help, at Property Link Chartered Surveyors the team pride themselves on being able to help in every aspect of property selling and buying.

Property Link Chartered Surveyors services

Property Link Chartered Surveyors provide a wide range of services to include pretty much everything you might need when it comes to surveys and reports related to the buying or selling of a property. Completed by Structural Engineers, all of whom are highly experienced and fully qualified. These services are delivered to the highest quality to ensure all Property Link Chartered Surveyors clients are 100% satisfied with the service that they have received. Furthermore, these professional services are all competitively priced, with reasonable rates, providing you with the peace of mind that your property sale or purchase isn’t going to break the bank.

  The wide range of services provided by the fantastic team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors include:

  • Homebuyers and Building Surveys (i.e. structural surveys): in which Property Link Chartered Surveyors provide a full report detailing information such as the internal and external condition of the property, the condition of the services, the estimated market value, defects to the property and urgent remedial work that needs to be undertaken and any further evaluations that will be required.
  • Valuations: this report provides clients with a brief overview of the condition of the property and any structural issues. The main purpose of this is to provide the clients with an estimate as to how much the property is actually worth.
  • Structural Engineers Reports: Otherwise known as a part structural survey, this report looks at a specific part (or parts) or a property relating to structural defect, this could include things like dampness issues or cracking. The report details the current condition of the property, possible causes of the defect(s) and an overview of what needs to be done to repair it and how much this is likely to cost.
  • Party Wall Surveys: Experts in the Party Wall, Etc. Act (1996), the team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors can help with alterations to shared walls, the construction of a new wall on or alongside the boundary and excavation works that are close to a neighbouring property.
  • Building/Construction and Boundary Disputes: It is not uncommon for a dispute to arise between property owners, the team at Property Link Chartered Surveyors can act as an intermediary, dealing with both parties to help to settle the dispute quickly and easily, with the ability to complete Expert Witness Reports (CPR compliant).
  • Schedule of Condition and Dilapidations: schedules of condition record the condition of a property for legal or contractual reasons, helping with any claims of dilapidation. Dilapidation surveys can help with these claims of dilapidation to verify claims and gain an idea of the remedial costs involved.
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If you are looking at buying or selling a property and need some professional and legal help from specialists in completing reports, surveys and valuations, look no further. Property Link Chartered Surveyors is able to assist you. For a free, no-obligation quote, or for more information on the services provided or help to choose which service you need, contact an expert team member at Property Link today.

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