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Survey Comparison Chart
Surverys & Valuations can be carried out within 24hrs

Commercial Party Wall Survey

Property Link Chartered Surveyors have surveyors who can provide a party wall survey for Building Owners, Adjoining Owners and as ‘Agreed Surveyors’.

Commercial Party Wall Surveys from Property Link Chartered Surveyors

Property Link Chartered Surveyors have experienced and qualified party wall surveyors who can provide party wall surveys for commercial building owners, those who own buildings adjoining commercial properties and as ‘Agreed Surveyors’. Based in Birmingham, in the heart of the West Midlands, our team of expertly trained party wall surveyors serve not only the Birmingham area, but the entire nation. The biggest service our professionals provide is helping to resolve disputes between commercial property owners and their neighbouring property owners.

What is a Commercial Party wall Survey?

When it comes to enhancing your property, especially if that involves a shared property or a boundary wall, one of the biggest problems you might face is the opposition from neighbouring properties. Equally, if you own a commercial property and your boundary wall/shared property has been damaged or disrupted by a neighbour, you may be requiring some form of compensation or further changes to be made. In this instance, you will be considered to be in a dispute and if you are unable to resolve this, you may find you need the help of a qualified party wall surveyor.

The role of the party wall surveyor is to complete a commercial property wall survey to identify problems that have been caused. This information is then used to resolve disputes which arise under the Party Wall, Etc. Act (1996), with the end result of agreeing on a ‘party wall award’.

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The role of your Party Wall Surveyor

You and the person you are in dispute with might decide to appoint a party wall surveyor together, alternatively, you can each appoint your own and they will work together to come to a resolution. This party wall surveyor must have the relevant qualifications and training to investigate the party walls and, along with understanding the laws in the party wall act and the impact these laws have.

Ultimately, the job of the commercial party wall surveyor is to prepare a document called a party wall award which details owners’ rights and responsibilities, comments on how subsequent work should be completed, who is liable for any damages caused and also details such as agreed working hours and access rights. Once party wall surveyors are appointed under the party wall act, they are obliged to act impartially, not for the person that appointed them, which is why it makes sense to appoint a party wall surveyor with your neighbour, sharing the costs and time involved in this.

Party Wall Agreements in more detail:

A Commercial Party Wall Survey Agreement will typically include three sections:

  1. The award itself, i.e. the guidelines that detail the progression of any subsequent work.
  2. A ‘schedule of condition’, which could also include photographic evidence.
  3. Drawing(s) to illustrate the work that is being proposed.

As soon as both parties have agreed on this party wall agreement, the document needs to be published. To become published it must be signed by both parties, witnessed and a copy of it sent to each of the parties.

The three sections of this agreement should include the following information:

  • The details of the party wall surveyor or surveyors.
  • Details of both properties and their owners, including contact details.
  • Acceptable working hours, for example, 8am-5pm, weekdays only.
  • A time limit for the work to commence.
  • Validation of the contractor’s public liability insurance.
  • An access arrangement.
  • Building owner indemnities.

Complete a Party Wall Survey on my property

If you are looking for a professional party wall surveyor based in Birmingham, or if you would just like some more information about how our party wall surveyors can help you, do not hesitate to contact one of our specialists. We are more than happy to provide free and impartial advice, answer any questions you might have and even give you a no obligation quote. If you are considering making modifications to your property, or have suffered the damages of someone else’s work being completed, call us today and see how we can help you come to a healthy resolution.

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