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Surverys & Valuations can be carried out within 24hrs
Survey Comparison Chart
Surverys & Valuations can be carried out within 24hrs

Commercial Part Structural Survey

This is a survey of a specific part or parts of a property which may have a particular defect

Based in Birmingham, in the centre of the UK, the highly knowledgeable and skilled team of Surveyors and structural engineers at Property Link Chartered Surveyors provide commercial property services in Birmingham, the West Midlands and even nationwide.

With a wealth of experience in the industry, our experts provide a range of commercial property services, including the valuable part structural surveys which may be required in the acquisition of a property. Our team not only complete the investigations in a timely manner, but using their up-to-date knowledge, they also create detailed reports on their findings, written in an easy-to-understand format.

What is a commercial Part Structural Survey?

A commercial part structural survey is an additional report that is usually only requested when defects or problems with the commercial property arise during other investigations. In the early investigations of a property a visual inspection is completed to determine the market value of the property and to highlight any causes for concern, this includes things like damp and cracking.

A further report must then be written up analysing these causes for concern to determine the severity of the problem and how easily it can be fixed.   This structural engineer survey provides a wealth of benefits to anyone considering purchasing a property that has causes for concern.

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Complete a Part Structural Survey on my property

If you are interested in having a structural engineer report completed on your property and would like a structural survey quote, do not hesitate to contact one of our professionals.

Our Birmingham based experts can not only provide you with a no obligation quote, but they also provide free advice, able and willing to answer any questions you might have regarding the structural engineer report and the benefits of this for you.

It is important to remember that a structural engineers report is only required if a previous report has highlighted areas of concern in the property.

However, this being said, this kind of engineering report is always useful, especially if the property is:

  • Over 50 years old.
  • Particularly expensive/a major investment for you.
  • Old and/or in poor condition.
  • Is considered to be dilapidated.
  • Unique in features, for example, if it has a thatched roof or a timber frame.

Another reason you might decide to instruct a structural engineers report is if you intend to make structural changes to the property, especially if these are significant modifications.

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How a commercial Part Structural Survey can help you

This report can provide you with a wealth of benefits, these include:

  • A detailed understanding of the condition of the property.
  • An estimated cost as to how much money you will need to set aside to fix the property.
  • An idea as to how the damage was caused, so it can be avoided going forward.

In turn this will help you to:

  • Negotiate a good price for the property, taking into account how much it is going to cost to fix it.
  • Peace of mind that you know exactly what you are buying and that nothing else is going to come up that might impact upon you financially and negatively

These reports are designed to bring clarity to those considering purchasing a commercial property, helping you to make the right choice when it comes to investing your money.

What does a commercial Part Structural Survey report include?

After one of our highly qualified Surveyors and structural engineers has completed an inspection of your property, they will write their findings up into a report that details what they have found, along with a variety of other information.

This report will include the following information:

  • Construction and current condition of the affected part of the property.
  • Probable cause of the particular defect or defects.
  • A brief specification of the repair/ remedial works.
  • An estimate of the cost of essential repairs.

The service is offered as a stand-alone report or as a follow up to a homebuyers or valuation report.

This detailed report, however, is simple to understand and use.