Property Link Surveyors

Our Surveyors at Property Link work by high ethical and professional standards making all processes run smoothly.

Surveyors at Property Link

We here at Property Link find it extremely important that all of our surveyors are highly professional Surveyors and Structural Engineers. Having worked with different surveyors we find that Surveyors always provide the best quality of work and ensure the highest possible consumer satisfaction. And that is exactly what we strive to provide to all our clients.


Property Link team of Surveyors provide a variety of services and advice on a range of issues related to buying or selling any type of property. One of the base services our Surveyors provide is building buyer’s survey and valuations.

This process usually involves a careful evaluation of the property at hand and looking into possible defects and problems that could arise in the future. However, chartered surveyors are even qualified to advise on environmental and economic issues regarding whole areas.

Property Link’s Surveyors mainly work with residential and commercial surveys. We will help you identify the right value of your property and any hidden issues with the property you are looking to buy.

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Ethics & Professional Standards

Our Chartered Surveyors often has to deal with difficult situations resolving neighbour disputes or similarly difficult situations. These are the ethical standards recognised by all of our surveyors:

  • Integrity is the key
  • The quality of service is our Surveyors’ signature
  • Make sure to come across in a way that advocates your industry
  • Respect people around you
  • Our Surveyors stand behind their decisions and take responsibility